High Stakes Bet

By Jamie Ostrander  Why the “Oracle of Omaha” believes in index funds; and you should too! How many of us would make a 10 year long bet? Would you make a wager that takes 10 years to win or lose, and do it...

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Five Stages of Your Financial Life

By: Tom Kirk

I have been known to say that all financial strategies can be appropriate, but what is the right strategy for YOU depends on your context. For example, if you can tolerate the sometimes wild fluctuations of the stock market, then maybe your portfolio should contain an allocation to stocks to capture the higher returns this asset class has historically provided.

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Bitcoin: Invest if You Want to Get Bit!

By: Robert DeVries

There are universal truths, such as where there is gravity, what goes up must come down.  It’s a universal truth in Economics that price is a function of supply and demand. Sometimes demand vastly outstrips supply which causes a rapid escalation in price.

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‘Tis the Season … for Phone Fraud

By: Laura Chiesman 

In this world of social media, email and 24/7 connectivity we hear more and more about cybersecurity. This has been especially true recently, and rightly so, since the Equifax breach that affected so many. 

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Don’t Swing at a Knuckleball

By: Jamie Ostrander

We are asked often about the unpredictability of the “market”.  The market moves unpredictably, like a knuckleball. It is natural after all, to be curious about the unknowable.

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