Are You a 1-percenter?

by Tom Kirk

No, I am not referring to the claimed 1% of motorcyclists who say they are part of outlaw gangs like the Hells Angles, Pagans and Warlocks.  I am referring to the 1% of small businesses that will survive...

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Five Things for Five Stages of Wealth

Stage 3 – Peak Earning Years

By: Tom Kirk Your WealthPlan™  is about to get a double bonus. At this stage of wealth it is not uncommon to have twenty to thirty years of knowledge, background and experience in your field. You are...

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No Regrets

By: Tom Kirk Business transition planning is hard. But the alternative (not planning) can be much more painful and costly. Joe Dentist has a very successful practice established over decades of effort and accomplishment. He and his dedicated team of loyal employees...

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A Look at the Costs of College

By: Laura Chiesman Spring break is approaching, that means summer is not far behind and many families are preparing to send their high school seniors off to college! You might be wondering what that costs these days. The College Board, “Trends...

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