Don’t Let Your Plan Become a Doorstop

by Jamie B. Ostrander

You spent good, hard-earned money on a robust financial plan. You hired a well-qualified advisor and after hours of goal defining, data gathering, and number crunching, there it was, bound neatly with a beautiful bamboo and cotton...

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Are You a 1-percenter?

by Tom Kirk

No, I am not referring to the claimed 1% of motorcyclists who say they are part of outlaw gangs like the Hells Angles, Pagans and Warlocks.  I am referring to the 1% of small businesses that will survive...

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Five Things for Five Stages of Wealth

Stage 3 – Peak Earning Years

By: Tom Kirk Your WealthPlan™  is about to get a double bonus. At this stage of wealth it is not uncommon to have twenty to thirty years of knowledge, background and experience in your field. You are...

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