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Congrats Hometown Heroes!

Congratulations Satellite Beach Seahawks 12U Division 2 Tackle Football! These amazing kids led by FirstWave Financial WealthCoach, as their Team Coach, Jaime Ostrander played heroically all the way to the POP Warner Super Bowl where they finished second in the


Navigating Geopolitical Events

By FirstWave®Financial The US stock market is still bigger than all the rest combined, representing 57% of the world’s stock marketing capitalization. This combined with the fact that we are simply more comfortable investing in companies that are located in


Best Time To Invest

By FirstWave®Financial “I don’t want to invest now. The market is at or near its all-time high. I will wait for a better  buying opportunity.”  Sound familiar? This appears to be a very logical point of view, but it is


Are You Invested Correctly?

By FirstWave Financial® The intersectionality of your risk tolerance, return objectives, and what is necessary for you to experience the financial future you have in mind. Investment risk can be defined in many ways including volatility, the probability or likelihood of


What do the new TAX laws mean…to You?

By FirstWave Financial® Tax law and policy have taken many different shapes and forms over the years. Their primary purpose is the generation of revenue, with individual income taxes contributing approximately 50% to the annual US federal budget. Another purpose of


Happy New Year!

Here’s a heartfelt toast to our treasured time together this year and to wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2022! ~ FirstWave Financial