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Are You Experiencing Financial Freedom?

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A successful financial life often involves the process of deferred gratification. We don’t spend everything we currently make to save for the future house we desire, or to pay for our kids’ future higher education or to fund our dreams of future retirement. This leads to the healthy discipline of living within our means and saying “no” to things we can certainly afford now, to help create the financial future we desire.

What happens when you have the house you want, the kids are on their own and doing well, and you have accumulated a nice nest egg for your retirement? That same discipline that got you here can stand in your way of enjoying the financial freedom and independence you have worked so hard to achieve because of fear and/or guilt: fear that if you finally start spending your money on what you really want to do it may run out; guilt that to do so is selfish. How do you combat these very strong emotions to better enjoy the abundance in your life?

The WealthCare Solution TM – a transformative process that simplifies the complexities that wealth can bring and transforms them into confidence about your financial future.

Your FirstWave Financial WealthCoach TM can help you create a WealthPlan TM that considers what you have always wanted to do but may have been afraid to even express before. When you see that you can afford to do the things your heart desires and still help others (if you want to), the choker that may be around your neck keeping you from breathing in the richness of your life begins to loosen, and your whole attitude and outlook can change. We call this improved WealthConfidence TM and this can be experienced anywhere along your financial life journey.

To find out how we can help you transform the complexity and confusion surrounding this important topic into your improved WealthConfidence, call us today at (321)773-7773 to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our WealthCoaches.  For more information about FirstWave Financial check out our website at

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