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Can I retire now, later, ever?

By FirstWave Financial®

Ah, retirement. Will it be those golden years of leisure after decades of hard work where all your financial worries have evaporated? Or, like 70% of retirees, will you experience a significant reduction in your standard of living compared to when you were working, along with health problems that come with a more sedentary retirement lifestyle and a lack of motivation since you have stopped contributing to society. Of course, we want the former and not the latter. But how?

Retirement is not the problem. The problem is how many people think about retirement. One definition of retirement is “taken out of service”, like an old tractor. This is not a very appealing proposition.

Perhaps a more positive definition of retirement could be “being able to do what you want, when you want, with the necessary resources (health, wealth, time, etc.) to do so”. You can still be “working” and be retired using this definition of retirement. We call this stage of your financial life being financially independent, where you can work if you want to but not because you have to.     

Determining how much money it will take for you to be financially independent is a very complicated empirical and emotional challenge that we help you answer as part of The WealthCare SolutionTM. The factors that should be considered when determining how much money this takes are addressed in a previous blog we have written called, Do I Have Enough? But this determination is just part of the process. The WealthCare Solution also includes the step-by-step actions you must take to get there, implementation assistance, tracking of your progress, and the updating of your WealthPlanTM for actual accomplishments along the way.

This transformative experience can create an entirely new attitude and outlook about money and retirement. Over time your FutureWealth ProjectionTM contained in your WealthPlan more accurate forecasts of when you will become financially independent.  As this happens your mindset about money and retirement can begin to change.

  • Every workday is seen as one more step to the accomplishment of your goals.  This can significantly increase your enjoyment of the last years of your career.
  • You can begin to think about what else you might do with your time when less, maybe none, of it is consumed by your regular job.  You can explore activities that you may have put off for years.
  • You may discover other areas of “work” that are very rewarding to you but that you never pursued earlier because they did not pay enough or pay at all.  Now that you know when you will be financially independent and are taking the steps to get there, how much these other opportunities pay is of less importance.

Knowing when you are or will become, financially independent is a foundation upon which you can build your ability to enjoy all the abundance in your life that you have worked so hard to achieve including your wealth, health, relationships, where you live, your hobbies, spirituality and just having fun at life.

To find out how we can help you transform the complexity and confusion surrounding this important topic into your improved WealthConfidence, call us today to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our WealthCoaches™. For more information about FirstWave Financial, check out our website at or (321)773-7773.

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