Don’t Let Your Plan Become a Doorstop

by Jamie B. Ostrander You spent good, hard-earned money on a robust financial plan. You hired a well-qualified advisor and after hours of goal defining, data gathering, and number crunching, there it was, bound neatly with a beautiful bamboo and cotton...

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Is there a new Mom in your life?

By Laura Chiesman Financial Planning Issues for New Parents As you prepare for life with your new child, there is so much to think about – baby names, mom and baby’s health, the latest in feeding and vaccinations, and picking and choosing...

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Your Financial GPS

By Laura Chiesman  What if you woke up one day in a strange country with no passport, map or GPS? Even worse, what if you couldn’t speak the language, had no relevant job experience and didn’t have any local currency? This ‘stranger...

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