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Golden Handcuffs: A Love/Hate Relationship

SpaceCoast Business | September 2014

Golden Handcuffs are handsome rewards (the gold) with constraints (the handcuffs). Business leaders love and hate them. Your heart can grow much fonder of them if you leverage them to contribute to a bright financial future through proper planning, proactive strategies and purposeful execution.

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SpaceCoast Business | December 2014

As you review the company benefits available to you, is a SERP (Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan) on that list? When should you consider taking advantage of this savings option and how can it best serve you?

Like a 401(k) plan, a SERP can be composed of company and/or participant contributions. What’s the Difference?

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Rocket to Financial Independence

SpaceCoast Business | March 2015

Good news! You are a well-paid corporate executive with the opportunity to potentially double or triple your annual income through the receipt of shares of company stock as part of your total compensation package. Since your decisions and actions have a direct impact on the increasing value of your company’s stock, you are excited to have your financial future so directly connected to its promising future.

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Using Stock Options To Amplify Wealth

SpaceCoast Business | June 2015

Stock options amplify wealth creation because of the leverage they utilize. They allow the option holder to benefit by the increasing share value on all the shares of stock covered by the option for little or no cost, at least until the option is exercised.

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Avoiding Insider Trading Claims

SpaceCoast Business | September 2015

Corporate leaders often feel like they live in a fishbowl. Almost everything they do and say is subject to the prying eyes of onlookers. And for the leaders of publicly traded companies, this intrusion into their private lives is taken to a whole new level.

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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?_SCB_Covers_low_res

SpaceCoast Business | December 2015

This is the story of two hypothetical corporate executives, “John” and “Michelle.” Both work very hard for highly profitable companies. They hold positions where their personal economic futures are directly connected to the future economic success of the companies they direct by traditional golden handcuffs.

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Executive Solutions


Do your own financial decisions come last?

William, a corporate executive at Acme Corporation, is too exhausted when he gets home from work or a business trip to give much thought to how much he and his wife want to live on when they retire. He is asked every year to make last minute decisions on what payout election he wants for his Deferred Comp contributions. So he just looks at the choices and picks one. When his stock options vest, he gets anxiety trying to figure out if it is the right time to sell. Keeping track of how many shares he is allowed to sell takes time and effort that he just does not have.

There is a solution. A WealthCoach™ at FirstWave Financial™ could help William with:

  • Optimizing his compensation package between what to take home and what to defer between 401(k), Profit Sharing and Deferred Compensation plans.
  • Optimizing his annual payout elections for their Deferred Compensation plan
  • Monitoring his accumulation of company stock received through awards, grants and options
  • Implementation of a company stock disposition and diversification strategy in light of his position with the company and SEC regulations.
  • Management of the rest of his portfolio considering their concentrated holdings of company stock.

“We find that corporate executives spend so much time taking care of company business, they often don’t have time for their own personal business. Our uniquely qualified team provides them the deep level of personal support needed to get things done. “
– Tom Kirk, President and Founder of FirstWave Financial™


Tom Kirk, President, Founder & WealthAdvocate at FirstWave Financial™ offers a look into gaining confidence about your money in a rapidly changing world through his groundbreaking book Are You Worried About Your Money? Inside are the steps and checklists to help you transform the complexities wealth brings into piece of mind about your financial future.

  • Identify What is Important About Money To You
  • Clarify Your Goals
  • Identify Risk and Strategies
  • Prioritize and Implement
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Update Your Plan
  • Take Control of Your Financial Destiny
  • Enjoy Your Life with Less Worry About Your Money
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