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Welcome HealthFirst Corporate Executives

The future is well. Your health and wealth.

You probably know when your last health checkup was, but when was your last wealth checkup? We can help with that.

We understand your financial opportunities and challenges. FirstWave Financial has years of experience helping corporate executives just like you balance the unique complexities you may be facing. With your busy schedule, we know that often your own financial decisions come last.

As an example – Meet William, a corporate executive at HealthFirst. He is too exhausted when he gets home from work or a business trip to give much thought to how much he and his wife want to live on when they retire.  Understanding and balancing the complexities of his compensation package can be challenging. Regular take home pay, bonuses, tax deferred compensation through the traditional retirement plan and future tax-free income and life insurance benefits each contribute to his financial future but must all be coordinated to optimize their benefits. William makes the best current decisions he can but is not sure how this will all work out to create the financial future he desires.

There is a solution. A WealthCoach™ at FirstWave Financial™ could help William with…

  • Optimizing his compensation package between take home pay, retirement plan funding, deferred compensation, and life insurance benefits.
  • Planning for the current and future income and estate tax consequences.
  • Designing of his overall investment and risk management portfolio considering potential future tax-free income and life insurance benefits.
  • Forecasting his future wealth accumulation and monitoring his progress against established targets and benchmarks.
  • Updating his wealth plan to respond creatively to future changes.

We find that many corporate executives like you are spending so much time taking care of company business, that they often don’t have time for their own personal business. Our uniquely qualified team is here to provide you with the deep level of personal support needed to get things done, freeing you to focus on the important things that only you can do – your work, your family, your fun.

No more delays. Improve your WealthConfidence™ today. We’d love to talk.

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