The WealthCare Solution™

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How are you making your current financial planning decisions? Whom do you seek out for the advice you need? Your broker, your accountant, your attorney, your realtor, even your family may all have different opinions…

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The RetirementPlan Optimizer™

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Are you a business owner? Is your sponsored retirement plan working as hard as you are? The WealthCoach™ team at FirstWave Financial™, understands that retirement plans…

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The FiduciaryRelief Act™


Are you a trustee or guardian for a wealthy family or individual? Are you on the board or the investment committee of a not-for-profit organization? If so, you understand the high calling of having authority…

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What is a WealthCoach™?


Clients experience a unique and dynamic relationship when they hire FirstWave Financial™ through a novel approach in establishing financial structure: WealthCoaching™. Unlike competitors, WealthCoaches™ work with you…

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