Rescuing Employees’ Retirement

The RetirementPlan Optimizer™ 

TRPO-white-paper-coverIf you heard a ticking time bomb, and you could defuse it in a way that not only saved many people, but also immediately benefitted you with little or no risk, would you take the action necessary to defuse the time bomb? Of course you would!

All companies who offer a retirement savings plan have the opportunity to provide the tools and resources for their employees to take maximum advantage of their retirement plan while increasing their level of engagement with the company.

In The Retirement Plan Optimizer white paper, Robert DeVries, MBA, AWMA®, CRPS®, WealthCoach™ and Retirement Plan Specialist at FirstWave Financial, discusses:

  • Tools and strategies to aid your employees as they build retirement savings and investment knowledge
  • Four pillars of retirement readiness that can contribute to the plan participant’s retirement goals and increase their chance of creating sustainable income for their entire retirement
  • Ways to determine if your retirement plan is running efficiently and effectively for the benefit of all the plan participants

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