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Does One of These Sound Like You?

People at all periods of life and career get value from working with us. The WealthCare Solution™ provides value to clients at different ages and stages of their life. Does one of these sound like you?

Corporate Executive
Widow / Widower
Retired / Soon To Be
Generational Wealth Transfer


What is your financial health condition?

After practicing medicine for over 15 years, Dr. Adams is wondering why she ever decided to become a Doctor. She is working harder than ever, making less income and feels like she is losing control of her future. She no longer works for herself but is instead an employee of a large medical company that runs her practice. She has to see more patients with less support staff or she will make even less income next year.

Right when her ability to earn and save money was expected to really kick into high gear, they now both appear to be threatened.

By experiencing The WealthCare Solution™, professionals such as doctors see a clear picture of where they are now, what they need to do to be financially independent and how to get there. Some find they are farther along this path than they thought they were. Others have some catching up to do.

“Knowing where you are now and the actions you must take makes all the difference; the difference from being angry and frustrated about the current state of affairs in the medical world to instead being more confident about your ability to still create the financial future you have in mind for yourself and your family, in spite of it.”

– Tom Kirk, WealthAdvocate and Founder

Corporate Executive

Do your own financial decisions come last?

William, a corporate executive at Acme Corporation, is too exhausted when he gets home from work or a business trip to give much thought to how much he and his wife want to live on when they retire. He is asked every year to make last minute decisions on what payout election he wants for his Deferred Comp contributions. So he just looks at the choices and picks one. When his stock options vest, he gets anxiety trying to figure out if it is the right time to sell. Keeping track of how many shares he is allowed to sell takes time and effort that he just does not have.
There is a solution. A WealthCoach™ at FirstWave Financial™ could help William with:

  • Optimizing his compensation package between what to take home and what to defer between 401(k), Profit Sharing and Deferred Compensation plans.
  • Optimizing his annual payout elections for their Deferred Compensation plan
  • Monitoring his accumulation of company stock received through awards, grants and options
  • Implementation of a company stock disposition and diversification strategy in light of his position with the company and SEC regulations.
  • Management of the rest of his portfolio considering their concentrated holdings of company stock.

“We find that corporate executives spend so much time taking care of company business, they often don’t have time for their own personal business. Our uniquely qualified team provides them the deep level of personal support needed to get things done. “

–Tom Kirk, WealthAdvocate and Founder

Widow / Widower

What is your plan B?

Diane suffered a massive heart attack and died unexpectedly. Her husband, Jack, is left to pick up the pieces of his shattered life after this tragedy. Not only is he in shock and grief stricken by the sudden loss of his life mate, but he doesn’t know where the bank accounts are, what bills need to be paid or where their investments are held. Diane kept all their personal books and records.

Jack is in a very vulnerable and risky position. It is difficult to make good decisions, especially financial decisions, in this time of grief and confusion.

Widows and Widowers who find themselves in this challenging situation approach their financial decision making with the confidence of knowing they are not alone. By experiencing The WealthCare Solution™ they are able to see how the financial decisions they make today will impact them and their family down the road.

“While nothing can replace the relationship that has been lost, the relationship you have with FirstWave Financial™ can serve as the foundation for the next chapter of your life.”

–Tom Kirk, WealthAdvocate and Founder


Are you ready for the big changes that come with retirement?

Jeff and Alice have enjoyed their long and successful careers as teachers. While making their good yet modest income they also made smart financial decision along the way. They secured their teachers’ retirement pay, contributed to their 403(b) plan at work, paid down their mortgage and avoided credit card debt.

But their cash flow will soon change 180 degrees. Instead of receiving wages from work and adding to their investments, they will now be taking money from their investments to live on. They are excited about their new found freedom from work, but are unsure about how to manage their wealth in this new environment.

There is a solution. A WealthCoach™ at FirstWave Financial™ could help Jeff and Alice with:

  • Investing less aggressively during their final years of working
  • Deciding how and when to receive their social security benefits
  • Providing continuing medical coverage in the event one or both spouses are not yet Medicare eligible
  • Managing their overall portfolio considering from where they will draw their needed cash flow

“By experiencing The WealthCare Solution™ you can relax more and enjoy the financial independence you have worked so hard to achieve.”

-Tom Kirk, WealthAdvocate and Founder

Generational Wealth Transfer

What will be your legacy?

Rick and Sue grew up poor. Through education, hard work and perseverance they now find themselves with more money than they ever thought they would have.

But they are concerned about what would happen in the lives of their adult children should they suddenly inherit what took Rick and Sue years to accumulate. Would their children be equipped to handle it? Or would the family go from shirt-sleeves to shirt-sleeves in three generations like so many do? Or worse yet, would it have immediate negative consequences on their children’s’ lives?

When planning for this as part of The WealthCare Solution™, we identify and implement strategies and solutions that help provide for your long and prosperous lifetime and then help protect the family money for future generations, with flexibility along the way.

“That way the wealth creators in the family can confidently enjoy the abundance for which they have worked so hard, knowing it will be a blessing and not a curse to future generations.”

–Tom Kirk, WealthAdvocate and Founder