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Brenda Mowbray-Walker

Client Service Project Coordinator Administrative Assistant


FirstWave Financial®

  • Assists and supports the Client Service Team
  • Manages calendars and communications
    Collaborates, designs, implements systems and projects for the Client Service Team
  • Ensures that every client receives the excellent care and experience that they deserve

Dick’s Sporting Goods

  • Sales Support Operations Manager to the administrative and operational support associates
  • Conducted hiring and training, audits, controlled inventory, maintained associate files and compliance
  • Ensured the operations departments and associates meet all company operational standards

Brenda’s Place Hair Salon

  • Salon Owner/Stylist
  • Founded and managed all features of business, including customer service, accounting, inventory management, sales, marketing, staffing, and training
  • Maintained a loyal team and customer base for over 20 years


  • California Beauty College, Modesto California
  • Jordan-Elbridge Jr./Sr. High School, Elbridge New York

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