Building Structure Into Your Financial Goals

By Tom Kirk

You’ve established your WealthPlan™, created goals and understand where you are compared to where you want to go. But how do you get there? What’s the map? Our wealth services firm in Satellite Beach, FL – Melbourne/Brevard knows it’s important to set a strategy with clear, measurable actions to follow and maintain the momentum you’ve established.

Establish strategies and actions
Ideally after working with us on the first steps, you now know where you stand financially and the amount of money your tangible financial goals are going to require. You can be deliberate and intentional about the strategies and actions you must take to create the financial future you have in mind.

Prioritize and implement
You may find there is more required than can be done right now. That’s ok. Implement first the strategies and actions that are both the easiest to accomplish and that have the biggest results based on what is important to you.   This will give you the confidence and traction you will need to take the more difficult steps.

Monitor your progress
Some of your financial decisions will work out as planned and some will not. That is why it is important to compare your progress against pre-determined milestones to see how you are doing and what adjustments may be necessary based on the actual results you are achieving.

Update your strategies and actions
Life happens in unexpected ways.   You find out you are pregnant. With twins. You scrimped and saved for your son’s State University education, but, congratulations! He just got accepted to Yale. You’ve just become redundant. The job you expected to retire from has been eliminated.

It is imperative at these times in life to consciously maintain your momentum and be responsive, not reactive. Understanding that life events change the strategies and actions you take next, it is important to periodically update your plan of action to respond creatively to these changes and avoid emotionally charged reactions to them.

This process and structure is the missing link to transforming complexity and confusion into confidence in your financial future. I’ve written about this approach at length in my book Are You Worried About Your Money?. The volume contains worksheets and tools you can use to understand the actions you need to implement in order to see a lasting effect in your financial planning efforts. Or you can schedule a complimentary consultation with the WealthCoach™ team. We can also be reached at our corporate office by calling 321.773.7773.