It’s Hurricane Season – Be Prepared

by Laura Chiesman

Do you know where your home inventory is? This is an important topic that comes up every summer at our wealth services firm in Satellite Beach, FL – the Melbourne/Brevard area, especially for our east coast clients and friends. Over the last 10 years we have had very little significant hurricane activity, and we don’t want to become complacent. To encourage us all to plan ahead, check out It’s Still Hurricane Season, a blog I wrote last summer about the importance of creating a home inventory. In it, I shared two friends’ insurance claim stories from the multiple storms we had in 2004 and the very different experiences they had.

Thankfully, hurricanes and other such events are rare, and a little preparation goes a long way. Once you’ve compiled an  inventory of your household furnishings and contents you will have taken a big step toward being prepared.  After that, all that’s left to do is to save it in a safe place and update every few years.

How do you do this?  You can walk through your home and video the contents with your phone’s video camera – and don’t forget to save the video to a flash drive or to the cloud.

For the tech-shy, another solution is taking pictures and writing descriptions on the back of each photograph, or keeping a list that describes the contents room by room. You can keep it simple or get very detailed. Your insurance agent may provide a preferred method or form, or you can “Google it”.  Searching “home inventory” will take you to a variety of solutions and articles – maybe too many! Here are two, of the many, available resources:

For a little more information see It’s Still Hurricane Season.

Wishing you a wonderful, hurricane-free summer!

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