Nurturing Your Abundance Mentality

By FirstWave Financial

Not long ago we began using Your WealthConfidence Scorecard to increase awareness of the eight mindsets that contribute to improved WealthConfidence. These mindsets are gratitude, open-mindedness, cooperation, respectfulness, abundance mentality, connectedness, optimism, and realism.

WealthConfidence is dynamic, it ebbs and flows depending on what is happening in our individual situations and the overall environment. In light of current events, your WealthConfidence may be taking a real blow. Recognizing this, it is even more important to nurture the mindsets that contribute to improved WealthConfidence so that you continue to make smart decisions about your money and enjoy the financial future you have in mind for yourself and your family.

The mindset to nurture today is abundance.
a-bun-dance (noun) a very large, more than ample, quantity of something

It’s one thing to be aware of what is happening in the world around us, and quite another to let fear cloud everything we do. If you listen to the headlines, it is easy to get sucked into perpetual fear. Yet, if we look around at our individual situations, we find that most of us have it pretty good, in some cases very good. Those fearful headlines can overshadow the enjoyment of all the wealth in our lives that includes more than just money – our family, health, living conditions, leisure activities, etc.

There is as much compelling evidence supporting an abundance mindset as there is supporting a scarcity mindset. Therefore, an abundance mindset is mostly a function of how you look at things. A scarcity mindset sees the world as primarily a zero-sum game, in which someone’s win is at the cost of someone else’s loss, totaling a zero-sum. Some things are like that, such as a card game or commodities trading, but certainly not all things. Having a scarcity mindset about everything can damage your WealthConfidence. An abundance mindset sees most things getting better and looks forward to being part of that exciting future. It views human ingenuity as the most important natural resource, sees it growing in leaps and bounds, and enabling the breakthroughs that will contribute to an ever-increasing and improving quality of life for everyone on the planet. 

To nurture an abundance mindset and improve your WealthConfidence takes some effort. Remember, there is as much information out there supporting a scarcity mindset as there is supporting an abundance mindset. What can make the difference is what you choose to focus upon? It has been said that your future will be most affected by the people you hang out with and the books you read. Where we focus our attention gets larger and larger until it may become the only thing we see.  

The process our clients experience through The WealthCare Solution™ keeps the focus on the specific actions that are necessary in order to create the financial future they have in mind. This helps keep all that is going on around them in the context of what they can and cannot do about it, along with an understanding of the projected effect their decisions will have on their lives. This process contributes to an abundance mindset and improved WealthConfidence

Future WealthConfidence Connections will address each of the eight mindsets with suggested actions that can be taken to improve your WealthConfidence. You can take your own WealthConfidence Scorecard at to see how you score now and in the future to help determine which of your mindsets may need the most nurturing at any given time.

We are grateful to be connected to you and appreciate the trust and respect that we share. Please feel welcome to contact us for any and all reasons as we get through this time together.

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