Nurturing Your Connectedness Mindset

By FirstWave Financial

Not long ago we began using Your WealthConfidence Scorecard to increase awareness of the eight mindsets that contribute to improved WealthConfidence. These mindsets are gratitude, open-mindedness, cooperation, respectfulness, abundance mentality, connectedness, optimism, and realism.

WealthConfidence is dynamic, it ebbs and flows depending on what is happening in our individual situations and the overall environment. In light of current events, your WealthConfidence may be taking a real blow. Recognizing this, it is even more important to nurture the mindsets that contribute to improved WealthConfidence so that you continue to make smart decisions about your money and enjoy the financial future you have in mind for yourself and your family.

The mindset to nurture today is connected.

con·​nect·​ed(adjective) having social, professional, or commercial relationships

At the beginning of the national shut-down, there was a meme that was circulating the web. In it, the character said he did not realize how anti-social he had become until he realized how the stay at home orders didn’t really affect his lifestyle that much. There may be a grain of truth in that awareness for some. However, for most of us the separations first required by the stay at home orders and now by the continuing social distancing recommendations have strained our emotions in ways that can be detrimental to our WealthConfidence

An article written by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) in October 2019 (before the pandemic) says:

“Connecting with others is more important than you might think. Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and actually improve our immune systems. By neglecting our need to connect, we put our health at risk.”

So strong is this need to connect that as face-to-face interactions are being curtailed, technological solutions that had been available before, have come to the forefront. The use of Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and other meeting platforms has exploded. Facebook Live and YouTube are now being used by churches, businesses, and others to get their messages out in new and creative ways. This movement toward technology-based connectivity was born out of necessity, but now that the infrastructure is in place it will likely stay with us even when we can meet face-to-face again.

“Seeing” someone on a computer screen is better than just talking to them on the phone, but not as good as actually being together. Quoting again from the CMHA article:

“While technology seems to connect us more than ever, the screens around us disconnect us from nature, from ourselves, and from others. Wi-Fi alone isn’t enough to fulfill our social needs – we need face-to-face interaction to thrive. Technology should be enhancing our connection to others, not replacing it.”

At FirstWave Financial, we are blessed to be connected to a fabulous group of clients and friends in deep and profound ways for many years and in some cases decades. We are grateful that technology is available to help us stay connected during these challenging months and appreciate your flexibility and openness to using that technology. When we can eventually get back together again in person, we trust that our increased use of these new communication methods will enhance and strengthen our connectedness with you and support and nurture your WealthConfidence

Future WealthConfidence Connections will address each of the eight mindsets with suggested actions that can be taken to improve your WealthConfidence. You can take your own WealthConfidence Scorecard at to see how you score now and in the future to help determine which of your mindsets may need the most nurturing at any given time.

We are grateful to be connected to you and appreciate the trust and respect that we share. Please feel welcome to contact us for any and all reasons as we get through this time together.

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