Nurturing Your Cooperation

By FirstWave Financial 

Not long ago we began using Your WealthConfidence Scorecard to increase awareness of the eight mindsets that contribute to improved WealthConfidence. These mindsets are gratitude, open-mindedness, cooperation, respectfulness, abundance mentality, connectedness, optimism, and realism.

WealthConfidence is dynamic, it ebbs and flows depending on what is happening in our individual situations and the overall environment. In light of current events, your WealthConfidence may be taking a real blow. Recognizing this, it is even more important to nurture the mindsets that contribute to improved WealthConfidenceso that you continue to make smart decisions about your money and enjoy the financial future you have in mind for yourself and your family.

The mindset to nurture today is cooperation.

co·op·er·a·tion (noun) the process of working together to the same end           

For many of us, this WealthConfidence mindset has been under some duress over these last few weeks. We have all been working together to get the same end: to minimize the negative consequences of the coronavirus to our health care system, to the vulnerable individuals in our communities, and to our country as a whole. Most of us are not used to being told by elected officials and others who we can see, where we can and cannot go, what we must now wear and what we can and cannot do. The cooperation of millions of Americans across the nation with what has been requested of them to “flatten the curve”’ of the pandemic has been phenomenal. But that cooperation is beginning to run a little thin as the length of time of living with these measures gets longer and longer. This is evidenced by conflicts at Publix for going the wrong way in an aisle, to large protests at many state capitals.

A result of this assault to your cooperation mindset can be that you see your way as the best way and that more people should just think as you do.  You feel the world would run much better if people lived, thought, and acted just like you do. This can be dangerous and can harm your WealthConfidence.

There is a cacophony of ideas regarding what we should do next about the pandemic from doctors, business leaders, government officials, and regular citizens. These well-intentioned solutions can be in opposition to each other because they are based on the differing, and sometimes conflicting, backgrounds and experience of those making the recommendations.  

A similar environment can exist regarding your financial decision making.  Ask the same financial question to your lawyer, accountant, banker, insurance agent, or realtor and you are likely to get very different suggested solutions based on their particular background and experience.  

An independent WealthCoach can help you coordinate and integrate the advice you are getting, nurture your cooperation mindset, and improve your WealthConfidence. Together you can identify and retain the resources you require, then integrate the advice you receive into your overall WealthPlan.  

The positive results from this could include simplification and balance; simplification is the orderly control of all the important financial details of your life, and balance, where each of your financial decisions supports and reinforce each other.

Future WealthConfidence Connections will address each of the eight mindsets with suggested actions that can be taken to improve your WealthConfidence. You can take your own WealthConfidence Scorecard at to see how you score now and in the future to help determine which of your mindsets may need the most nurturing at any given time.

We are grateful to be connected to you and appreciate the trust and respect that we share. Please feel welcome to contact us for any and all reasons as we get through this time together.

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