Your Map

By Jamie Ostrander

As a child growing up during the height of the cold war here in Central Florida, I always enjoyed the big vinyl maps that the teacher would pull down over the chalkboard. I was eager to learn about the local geography, the river, inlets and ocean topography and how the coastline can change over time.

I was fortunate to find one of those old vinyl maps at a yard sale, and in the middle of the map was a very large country, “U.S.S.R.”  It is a good reminder of how the maps themselves can change over time, as well as how to navigate them.

When you are young, a map seems permanent, and unchangeable. Now we have GPS, but to follow the directions on your GPS without the latest map software update is a dangerous proposition. As time passes, the coastline changes a bit, and the names and lines on the map change with it. There are new ways, new roads, and if you are following the GPS from a boat, there are new sand bars, new islands and altered coastlines.

In our financial lives, we are consistently asking; “In what direction are we headed?”  The more important question continues to be; “How accurate is your map?” Have you charted a course to a large financial goal, and worked diligently to get to your destination on time, only to have the map change on you?

“Life happens”… and sometimes our map needs to change. Are you confident in the direction you are heading? Perhaps retirement no longer looks the same due to a family relationship change, or a business you have built, which you thought would be in your family for generations, now it must be transitioned efficiently to a new owner? Life can be volatile.

We start each new relationship with a conversation around what matters most to you, and through a distinct process draw out a map… your map. To help ensure success we are here to continually review your goals and progress to respond to life’s changes. When your map is accurate and your destinations are well defined, you can chart a course worth following.  Call our wealth services firm in Satellite Beach, FL – Melbourne/Brevard area at (321) 773-7773, and we will start drawing up your map.

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