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Are You Worried About Your Money?

By Tom Kirk

Tom Kirk at FirstWave Financial® offers a look into gaining confidence about your money in a rapidly changing world through his groundbreaking book Are You Worried About Your Money? Inside are the steps and checklists to help you transform the complexities wealth brings into peace of mind about your financial future.

  • Identify What is Important About Money To You
  • Clarify Your Goals
  • Identify Risk and Strategies
  • Prioritize and Implement
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Update Your Plan
  • Take Control of Your Financial Destiny
  • Enjoy Your Life with Less Worry About Your Money

It’s A Journey

By Laura Chiesman and Elizabeth Ledoux

For owners of private and family businesses, the transition of the business to successors can be a joyful and inspiring journey that caps a lifetime of hard work and dedication and kicks off an exciting next adventure. Or it can be tumultuous and emotionally complex, and cause conflict and rifts in their most important relationships. In It’s A Journey, authors Laura Chiesman and Elizabeth Ledoux share their Transition Roadmap Developer Process™, a relationships-first and principle-based process that dramatically improves the odds of a successful business transfer.

  • Set and meet your emotional and material goals
  • Communicate compassionately and effectively even in difficulty
  • Resolve dilemmas to achieve the outcomes you desire
  • Maintain and enhance relationships with those you value
  • Mentor and teach a successor, then step away
  • Assess various succession strategies
  • Calculate how much you need to live the next chapter of your life
  • Create wins for yourself, your successors, family, and company

The Brighter Future 401(k)

By Robert DeVries and Tom Kirk

Is your retirement plan a tool to help recruit, retain, and engage your employees? In The Brighter Future 401(k), Robert Devries and Tom Kirk describe the retirement plan crisis in America, its impact on your employees, and how you can use your 401(k) to help rescue your employees retirements.

Readers of The Brighter Future 401(k) will learn what plan features can have the greatest impact on their employees’ retirements, helping to motivate their employees and leading to:

  • Greater Engagement
  • Enhanced Longevity with the Company
  • A Better Bottom-line for Your firm

Your WealthConfidence Scorecard

By Tom Kirk

In Tom Kirk’s latest book you’ll discover the eight mindsets necessary to live better now. Your WealthConfidence Scorecard was developed to help you identify your personal mindset and what that means to your wealth and your wealth confidence. This book contains actions you can take now to help you bridge the gap between where you are today and where you aspire to be.