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The Wealth<i>Care</i> <span>Solution<sup>TM</sup></span>

The WealthCare SolutionTM

<span style='font-size:26px; color:#004884; '>The Retirement<i>Plan</i><br /></span><span>Optimizer<sup>TM<sup></span>

The RetirementPlan

Our Wealth<i>Book</i> <span>Series</span>

Our WealthBook Series

Welcome to FirstWave Financial™

Are you Missing the Structure You Need to Achieve your Goals and Objectives?

How do you envision the financial future for you and your family? Where are you on your path to that goal? Far too often, individuals get lost in the confusion of disconnected tactics and money decisions while chasing financial fortitude.

At FirstWave Financial™, we help bridge this gap of uncertainty by providing clients with structure so every financial decision supports and reinforces the others.

Founded by visionary WealthCoach™ Tom Kirk, and headquartered in Satellite Beach, just across the river from Melbourne, FL, FirstWave Financial™ offers clients what many other wealth management institutions overlook: a philosophy to minimize the complexities and anxieties of investing, retirement, asset protection and estate planning, and replace it with peace of mind.

We live in an exciting time, with information at our fingertips. The challenge is to decide what makes sense for you. With the support and planning of our FirstWave Financial™ WealthCoaches™, whom average over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, we can help you determine, implement, monitor, and adjust your current wealth management strategies to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Utilizing an innovative approach amidst a rapidly changing world, Tom and our team of experienced WealthCoaches™ develop with you a financial blueprint that helps bring you to the future you have been envisioning for yourself and your loved ones.

We are Independent. We are Objective. We are Trusted.

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